Flat rate VAT could earn you extra profit.

You could profit from the scheme if you work for VAT registered companies and your turnover is below £150,000.

How it Works:

1 – Register for VAT

2 – Charge 20% VAT on your Invoice and pay HMRC approved Flat rate %

3 –  You retain the difference as extra profit

Flat Rate % examples

Transport or storage, including couriers, freight, removals and taxis – 10%

Repairing vehicles – 8.5%

What our services include:

  • We’ll Guide you through the whole process with no charge for getting you registered.
  • We always agree a fixed fee
  • Fee will include filing all your quarterly returns during the year
  • You get a set of yearly accounts
  • We’ll complete and file your tax return
  • Back date claim if possible to increase profit
  • Free advice during the year